You get good at what you practice – fast

Status: Coughing like hell! The overall status is decent but been a bit grumpy all day. Grumpy usually means that I am under recovered from something. Not particularly horny either :)

A: Snatch touch n go 75kg x 3 x 5set

So unstable and stiff in the shoulders! Snatch is an exercise you just need to do often to be good at.

B: Pause Front Squat 122.5kg x 2 x 4 sets, aborted the fifth. It was so heavy and my CNS/head just started to really dip. Had a slight headache.

C: 1/4 tempo 51X1 Front Squats 90kg x 5 x 3sets – starting to feel pretty good in the knee!

D1: Close grip bench press – worked up to 6 x 100kg, starting to feel better. Probably 5 x 110 in a few sessions.

D2: Inverted row – Worked up to 6 x 20kg. Had more in me but had no time left.

Went home

Did a little garden WOD

E: 12mins

  • 6 Strict Ring Dips w weight vest 8.5kg
  • Legless rope climb +4m w same weight vest
  • 10m sled pull backwards on grass with 150kg load

6 rounds sharp, it actually got taxing in the end!

Now… Slow food.

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