You can’t beat me mancold

The worst part of the mancold might be over for now. Still fat and slow though.

Lots of mobility in both sessions today.

Bridges, pause Overhead Squats etc.

Session one

With Lanner at Solid.

A: Back Squat – Up to a 8x170kg

Seriously starting to get strong in this exercise.



B: Hang Clean and Jerk 40-60-80-100-110-120-130F(Clean)-130-137.5F(Clean)-4×80-4×80-4×80

Session two

With Max at Solid so much people on the platform. Starting to get annoyed but got over it.

A: 5 Rounds 1 Clean + 3 Push press 90kg + 3 Weighted CTB Pull-Ups 20kg – About 7mins 30sec. Knee hurt due to bad knee warmup.

B: Team WOD with Max.

Start timer

5 Rounds of

  • 10 Thrusters 45kg/30kg, alternate freely
  • 10 Back Thrusters 45kg/30kg, alternate freely
  • 20 CTB, alternate freely
  • Row, a man rows 300m, a woman rows 250m. (500m-600m total)


100 BB Bicepscurls 25kg/15kg, alternate freely
100 V-Ups, alternate freely

Stop timer

We did this piece in 25:56mins. It was a very nice workout, especially





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