Yes Si I suck at CrossFit

Status: Sore throat

A: Free handstand best at 20s

B: Double KB OHS 24kg x 3 reps

C1: Muscle Clean Complex up to 85kg

C2: 2 Power Clean + 1 Clean 85kg -> 97.5kg (no hook)

C3: Clean 3×105-112.5-120-1x128kg-2x133kg

Despite the form which is bad I am on the right track. Heaviest double in over a year. Just keep on lifting now.




D: 15min
Front Squat 3x60kg, add 10kg every round
4 Bar MU

Did 3x130kg FS + 32 bar mu

Good workout!

E: EMOM til fail
7 Thruster 35kg
7 Pull-ups
7 burpees

1st round 42s then 46s, 52s, 58s, then 2 thrusters and my anterior delt froze. Sat down for 30-40s and then continued on to 10 rounds for time in a “comfy” pace. 12:48min. Still was RPE 9!

Proud of myself to not DNF at least but lord I have lots of work to do

Session 2

A: Clean Pull 3×60-100-3x3x140kg

B: Clean Deadlift stifflegged 140kg x 10 x 3set



C: Pendlay Row (strict) 60kg x 10 x 3set

D: DB Bicepscurls 2x20kg x 20 reps (in 3sets AFAP)


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