X-Country – Finally found some power

Met my family at a birthday party today. Of course X-Country came up. My big sis is participating in “Tjej-Vasan” so she is accumulating miles fast. She has as big competitive instinct as I which scares the shit out of me. I will not lose a bet. Never.

So yet another short session this evening,  third this week. Same distance as last time + about 5-600m in 17mins (3.5kms ?) instead of 20. I solved the strap issue and yes indeed it was me who was the moron and now I finally found stroke power and did not give in uphill. My GPS died halfway through so I did not get an exact distance. I will start using the tracks at Lugnet since the risk of hitting gravel was apparently high. I needed to break some downhill outside the tracks. Dare not to look under the skis.

Finally I feel that my aerobic power will be the limiter not the equipment :)

Good times, lets roll into Chimphood







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