Wowe so much volume

Monday = too little sleep. Friday, Saturday and Sunday was super though!

Session one

A: Clean + Front Squat + Jerk 95-95-105-105-112.5-112.5-120-120-127.5kg

Felt pretty good but I was nervous on every lift due to pain in my knee. The pain sits medially which is unusual for me.

I am satisfied with the 120kg lift(s) but I dipped too deep on 127.5 which forced me into a bit overhead pressing situation.

B: Double Pause Back Squat 100kg x 3 x 3set – this is terrible, light weight still horrible

C: Thruster 80kg x 5-5-7

Could have done a few more but I was pretty tired already and did not want to turn this into a standing benchpress feast.

D: Right leg legpress 70kg x 10-10-10

Feels solid, increasing to 80kg next session

E: Weighted CTB Pull-up supinated 20kg x 3-3-3-3-7

Hmm not happy or perhaps I should be?

F: Weighted Dips 25kg x 5-5-14

Rock solid!


Session two

In the garden!

20min AMRAP

2 Rope Climb 4.2m
50m Shuttle Run
6m Handstand walk
6m Front racked lunges 75kg/50kg

Don’t really know the time but I felt that 8 rounds would be adequate volume and the last 3 of them was done in 6:20mins, they were faster though. The first round was horrible since I was not warmed up at all. My knee felt pretty bad on the first lunge and I almost gave up. But hey 48 reps later I am still here and it felt easier and easier. Walking frontracked lunges are a superb and horrible tool.



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