Work them shoulders


Sore back and lower body. Felt tired as well. Guess CNS got some toll yesterday huh.

Session one

Skill: One arm handstand. I got 3-5secs per arm now :) This is very good for shoulder stability no doubt.

A: Hang Snatch 2×40-50-60-70-80F-80F-80-90F-90F-1×90

So bad, I was going to call it a day after the two failed lifts at 80kg but come on 80kg ? Hardened the fuck up and continued up at 90kg and failed it as well. Then Linda said “Hahaha that you even thought about doing that again hahaha”. My inner angry child woke up and I tried 90kg again. Failed the first rep took it down on the thigh, got even angrier and finished it. Not a good lift… but still better than a miss.

B: Push Jerk with eccentric take down 3 x 40-70-80-90-100

Paused for 5-6 secs the last rep in every set.

C: Z-press 6 x 40kg, 50kg, 8x60kg

“PR” with one rep, previous was 7x60kg. Jippie…

D: WPU pronated grip 3 x 16kg, 24kg, 32kg, 42kg

Very very heavy today, last week I felt I could do 3 x 50kg. Guess we are entering the overtraining week.

E: Snatch Grip OH Hold 100kg x 5secs – Them wrists! Had to drop it or my wrists would snap :)

Session two

Skill: Again One arm handstand. I got very many secs on the left now, went down by will not balance. The right was stubborn though.

F: 5 rounds of:

  • 5 Strict shoulder width HSPU (6 last round)
  • 5 WPU Pronated 12kg (7 last round)
  • 10 kcal  Air Bike (~90sec)

G: 3 rounds of:

  • 5 Mature Support 5s hold
  • 7 Straight Arm Push Outs
  • 9 V Outs

+ 10 Evil wheel on knees (yeah I know Dave)

H: 3 rounds of:

  • 1/1 TGU with 22kg DB with extreme long hold in each position. One rep was about 45 secs
  • 5 kcal Air Bike (~45 secs)

I: 10-8-6-4-2-1 of:

Floor press with 22kg DB left then right. Why not? I was lying there…

J: Shoulder triple only on left

  • 12 Powell Raise 4kg
  • 12 Trap 3 4kg
  • 12 Lying Ext rot 2,5kg

Shoulders are done!




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