Why I hate Bulgarian Split Squats

Status: Hip pretty banged up. Maybe the swimming made it worse. It was not exactly recovery yesterday.

A: Wall Handstand 5x30s, yeah I am a master of this progression now. Lets continue. I think I need to mobilise the pecs MORE.


B: Snatch E60s 75-75F-75-80-80-85-85-90-90F-90-95F-85-85-90-90-95F-85F-80F

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA WTF! Nothing was right today. I sat with the Bar at just let it go forward.. Lord! Maybe I need more OHS right now to force up the mobility again.

C: Anderson Squat from sticking point 120kg x 3 x 2set (too heavy) 110kg x 3 x 3set, still heavy but better! Really hateful exercise. It brings out the worst sides in my squat. I am stronger in the pause than from pins. Weird but maybe that is how it should be?

D: Bulgarian Split Squat

Look. This exercise is only for weak bastards and curently  I am a weak bastard. OK it is also for people who are very imbalanced and I am imbalanced as hell. It is also a bit more dangerous since balance is a part of the exercise. I almost fell sideways TWICE today. A squat should not feel like a barbell sidebend with an elevated leg. This limits the maximum load you can use i.e. the gains will be lower.

The depth. I doubt severely that the VMO will get maximum stimuli due to the knee angle. OK elevate the frontal foot then ? Mmm but then it will become a rectus femoris stretch more than anything.

I like lunges better since lunges are the only exercise that gives me DOMS in the glutes. And if i fall with the barbell it will not pin me to the floor. Still I guess they have a place as an accessory exercise. They would never ever become a primary exercise in my programming though.

Now 2 hours after the training my hip feels very bad and I think it is due to the rectus femoris stretch…

E: Right leg legpress

90kg x 10 x 3set

EASY. Maybe I will become master in this shitty exercise.

F: Weighted MU transition 4kg x 3-3-3-5

G: Strict HSPU with 2x20kg plates as EROM  5-5-10

Not bad!


Team of 2 wod

Buy-In 30m farmers walk 124kg + Angelica on the back then Angelica walked with 124kg

5 rounds
Row 300, 200, 100m each, alternate
4 DB Snatch 45kg/30kg each
6 / 3 Muscle Ups each

Buy-Out 30m farmers walk 124kg + Angelica on the back then Angelica walked with 124kg

~ 40mins – all muscle ups unbroken and the rowing at 1:22-1:33. The hardest part was the DB Snatch today. I failed the right hand twice. I guess the rowing + mus + farmers killed the grip so the pulling power was lost.

This wod like all wods as of current was horrible :)


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