Where has the Gorilla gone?

No blogging for a month. A shame really but I am focusing a lot on the team and my athletes so “I” have to step back an inch.

However when I blog I will blog in English for a while.

However to summarize the last weeks.

  • Chuck Carswell stole all my knee protection gear so I have to rebuild my leg from scratch

I guess that I really have not understood this yet but it is cool and it will get cooler, I am sure of it.

Todays session

A: Snatch – up to 2 singles at 100kg, so slow due to yesterdays insane metcon. 59 fucking minutes of vo2max. Pretty happy still that I did not quit at 90kg. I barely could pull 100 off the floor :)

B: Snatch Deadlift 100kg x 5-5-10, easy but I pull very much with my hamstrings in the end.

C: Pause front squat 110kg x 2-2-2-2 then just 5 front squats at 110kg

Rebuilding my quads

D: Right leg legpress 60kg x 10-10-10

Need to work that leg _a lot_

E: Muscle Snatch 55kg x 5-5-10, nice shoulder bodybuilding

F: Conditioning with Angelica

Buy-In 30m farmers walk 150kg/100kg each

5 rounds
Man runs 300m, woman 300m, man runs 200m, woman runs 200m, man runs 100m, woman runs 100m
Man does 10 Box Step Overs 60cm with 2x20kg DB, woman same with 2x15kg and 50cm box
Man does 6 Muscle Ups then Woman does 3 Muscle Ups

Buy-Out 30m farmers walk 150kg/100kg each

39minutes, nasty running. I did the Muscle Ups unbroken except for the first round. My grip lack 25% power today. I did something in the 120m tire flips yesterday. I barely can grip the steering wheel of my car :)

Hopefully I will blog some more.



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