When I get old(er)

Only 6 hours sleep. Blaaargh

Hmm this is day 6 again of “cardio”, my knee and back probably need a day off now.

A: Hang Power Snatch Ladder E90s 5kg 60kg-85kg then 2x90kg

Not so bad!

B: 5 x E2M
HBBS 7 x 115kg, 8 last set
WPU 7 x 5kg, 8 last set.

Good stuff for me


5 x 5min/1min
6 Lateral Burpees
8 STOH 35kg

4 + 3ctb rpe 6
4+3 lbu rpe 6
4+ 3 stoh rpe 7 (perhaps 4 rounds will be enough?)
4 + 6 lbur rpe 8 (wanted to break here)
5 + 4 ctb rpe 9 (happy it was over)

This was a tough one!

I noted during the workout that I long for the day when I only program others and stop being an athlete.

Why the hell do I program burpees all the time? I must be insane.

Programmer me says: “Idiot you must run, do burpees and pull-ups”

Athlete me says: “Stupid programmer I must do Snatch, Squat and Deadlift”

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