When everything else fails trust oly press

Training partner for today. David Ohlsson. Very nice.

A: Push Jerk + Split Jerk

PR in … What? Push jerk? Jerk Press?
I call it push jerk until Lanner calls it something else.

B: Every 90s 5kg ladder of
2 Below Knee Hang Power Snatch + 1 Snatch Balance + 1 OHS

Very taxing

C1: Press 5×40,50,10×60,55,50
My triceps!
C2: Bench supported row wide 5×70,80,90,80,70

D1: 4 EROM hspu + 6 kipped
D2: 4 Wide WPU 24kg + 6 BF CTB

E: 4 rounds each 2minute long for meters RPE 9
8 KB/DB Push Jerk 2 x 24kg/16kg
8 Burpees
Time left up to 2min AMMAP run
Rest 4min

360m, 380m, 405m, 420m

RPE close to max in the last run

F: Some one arm handstand. Left is now easy but right is still not there.

To perform like this during such a heavy session on the 4th day is comforting.


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