Upper back galore

Another night with +8h sleep. Soon I can enter a weekly sleep PR in BoxPeak :)

No training buddies at the gym :( (sorry Mattias and Mats you are too strong to be called buddies)

A: Pause FS 40-60-80-100-110 FailByBlackout, 110, 140F WrongFuckingWeights!, 120, 130 done felt pretty good.

B: E90s 1 Clean + 3 Jerk 93kg

Went pretty smooth. Better posture.

C: Front racked hold 120kg x 20s, 140kg x 20s, 160kg x 20s, 180kg x 31s!

D: Press Up to 80kg, very heavy today. I think the holds killed my CNS

E: Attempt at 2 x 95kg Farmers Hold, 6sec lost grip in left hand

Probably some cardio tonight after putting Emma to sleep but I feel tired right now so lets see.


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