Turn up the volume

Hate to do strength and cardio in the evening but had no space until I put Emma to sleep. Great warmup lying in bed and reading goodnight stories and yawning every 10secs :)

Anyway finally I got to it.

A: Stationary Box Jump – max for day
121 is my PR so felt ok with missing. It is a huge difference in jumping on plates compared to those gymnastic boxes.

B: power Snatch off blocks 3 x 40-60-65-65
Felt awkward and lacked power. Probably 65kg is too heavy for me in that position to get good technique or this is exactly what I should train.

C: Deadlift 5x3set – 135-160-11x180kg
Tried TnG after 5 dead reps but the platform I built is really stiff so TNG is really not recommended for the arms especially not with straight arms

Should have done Clean DL but really felt that I got enough volume anyway.

D: Khalipa Challenge week 6
5 rft of:
7 burpee BJ
12 OHS 35kg

My back has always kept me back in this wod since it cramps up. Today however I just kept a nice slow pace throughout, no cramp at all! 7:12mins
Needed someone to compete against.

E: 2 rounds of:
AMRAP Goblet Squat 32kg

KBS: 27-21
Squat: The grip was fried so I only managed to do 10 then 11. However I supersetted with 10FS and then 20OHS.

This workout session was really taxing in many aspects, perhaps mostly CNS. I am fried :)


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