Trust meat

Felt awful this morning, Emma kept us awake for an hour tonight and the warmth made it hard to sleep. Should I rest ? Nah

A: Jerk Ladder add 5kg every 90s from 100kg

100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145PR, 150F

Pretty close at 150 as well, my back leg could just not hold the weight.


B: Power Snatch

3×40,50,60,2×70,80,87.5, 92.5, 97.5, 102.5F

97,5 was pretty light. 102.5 too heavy though. Guess the Jerk took away some of the max power.

C: Press 3×40, 50, 60, 2×70, 75, 3×80, 2×82.5, 3×75, 70kg

Very nice, definitely back on track in the pressing game. This is the same 3RM as I noted right before my best presses of 90 to 95kg so I am confident that I am on the right track now.

D: Weighted CTB 1x24kg, 40kg

Totally drained, had no power left. 40kg is lame.

E: WPU wide pronated 20kg x 7reps

A little iron cross + press to handstand training




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