Session 1

With Lukas. Today he found his dick!

Handstand work

A: Push Jerk + Split Jerk

Not so good…

B: Complex Ladder 5kg incr every 90s
3 mid hang power snatch + 3 snatch pp
50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 2 hps @ 85kg

80kg light, 85kg very heavy for the grip!

C: Press 10×60, 55, 50kg

My triceps!

While i pressed Lukas Muscle Snatched, nice one!

D: Hang Snatch High pull flat footed 65kg x 3 x 6set

Finished with one set of “Trapi” :)

Some food then…

1 ton gravel 20m for time. 6mins

Session 2

4 rounds RPE 7 of

10 (+/- ROM) Strict HSPU as heavy as possible
10 Strict (W)PU pronated grip as heavy as possible
rest 3min

HSPU easy, pull-ups harder. No extra ROM, no extra weight. I am fat you know.

924m (damper 10), 880m dropped handle after 450m (almost DNF:ed) took out feet and adjusted from damper 7 to 10, lost 20s but sprinted., 911m (damper 10) was so smoked half way through

There was no 7 in that RPE…


not so good lockout…


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