Trapi trapi

Status: Emma woke up 6th day in a row at 6:15. NOT OK.

With the gang at the gym. Stretching up Ulrika whos on week 3 of Rehab. She is on the right path finally <3

Teaming with Sofie.

A: DB Snatch 55kg right, 50kg left

B: 3min hswalk, ooof them shoulders. 60meter

C: Regionals 2012 Event 2 Team

1k row
25 pistols
15 Hang Cleans 102,5kg

Sofie repped those cleans good and she was done way before I was done with the pistols.

I repped the cleans in 6-4-3-2 in about 2mins. Felt good.

Impressed by Sofie. She is improving.

My trapz will be so angry with me tomorrow.


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