Time to get strong

Starting to blog in English for a while again making it more available.

Still feeling a little weird and weak in my back after Regionals. However my knee is better. NSAIDs + pain killers + rest for 1,5 day seem to quick fix my knee every time. Then I guess it is confirmed that is an inflammatory process I get, otherwise the NSAIDs should not make me respond so quickly. On the other hand it should take more than two doses to respond ?

Session one

A: High Bar Back Squat 10 x 143kg PR, felt light so I went for 10x150kg PR again. Finished off with one set at 10x135kg. My legs were fried after that. Should’ve done yet another back-off set but I think it was wise to not do it.

Happy but video show a little bad depth. A little due to that I use my huge heels to get longer shins and remove ankle flexibility which forces me a little onto my toes.

B: Hang Snatch Panda Pull – 4 x 60, 80, 100, 105, 110, 115, 110, 105 – OMG

C: Halting Snatch Deadlift with 5s pause above knee – 3×105, 110, 115, 110, 105 – OMG again.

D: SLDL – 105 x 5 x 3set – Light weight but I think my pchain got enough dose ?

Session two

Long gymnastic warmup which I finished with 10 forward rolls, 10 backward rolls and 10 Cartwheels.

A: 10 minutes with wall as safety

  • Tucked press to handstand
  • Straddle press to handstand
  • Pike press to handstand

Gosh this is hard!

I will take this video as reference and hopefully laugh at it in 6 months.

B: 3 sets of

  • 5 reps of Back lever progression 5s hold
  • 5 reps of Front lever progression 5s hold

Very much tucked! I suck at this so much that I should stop with everything else and only do this. Worse was that a 18 year old Javelin-thrower almost nailed the back lever at his first try. I hate them track & fielders and their goddamn core.

C: Without any aerobic warmup, I just tried to execute it as a cool down. RIGHT!

“MK Open Event 5″

400 meter row
24 Wallballs
24 Knees to elbows
24 Box jump over
24 Goblet squats 32/24
24 Push press 50/30
24 Broad jumps 1.80/1.50
400 meter run

Started to row @ 2:00… Finished the workout in 10:23, a 50second PR.

D: Cool down, 5 minute bike, 3min row, 6-7 min jog/walk





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