This is volume day

10mins after I woke up. 12min jog – felt like the heaviest part of todays workout :)

Session 1

A: Snatch 1x5set x 40kg then 50 then 70kg

B: Snatch High Pull 3 x 70-90-105-105-105

C: Halting Snatch DL 3s at knee 3x105kg

D: Squat Clean + 3 Split Jerk: 40-60-80-100kg

E: Jerk: 1×110-110-110-110-110-110-1×120-1×125(failed second)-2×125(failed third)-2×110(CNS totally drained here)-3×80

Too much weight forward.

F: Snatch Push Press: 3×50-70-90-100-110-115 (only 2 good reps)-100-80-90-90

G: Weighted Pullup tempo 11×1 GSLP


H: One arm press



Session 2, six hours later

A: 2 HBBS + 3 LBBS 60-80-100-120-130

B: 10 x OTM 5 reps @ 130kg low bar back squat (6,5 tons of back squat fuck yeah).

Pretty easy but damn sweaty. Pulse increased each set and the last three sets I had a pulse above 170.

C: 3 GVT sets on Romanian DL @ 60kg, too light I think. Felt absolutely nothing.

D: 1 GVT set of Good morning @ 60kg, same here. Just uncomfortable with the exercise but felt very little.

E: 1/1 GVT set of Suit-case deadlift @ 60kg. Very good exercise! Glute medius, obliques etc got activated.

I wonder how I will feel tomorrow morning when I do my revovery-run ;)

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