This is not MAP

Really sore today, only got six hours of sleep. Stupid since I was home alone yesterday.

A: 6 x Heavy Ass Sled Drag AMMAP 20s (3 forward, 3 backward)

  • 75kg fwd: 32m
  • 75kg backwd: 27m
  • 75kg fwd: 42m
  • 100kg backwd: 22m
  • 100kg fwd: 29m
  • 100kg backwd: 24m

Really fucking heavy for the legs

B: MAP 80-90% of maxpulse

5m Bear Crawl
5m Burpee Broad Jump
20 DU

3 rounds + 19 DU

Rest 2min

Run 3min: 700m (pulse 176)

Rest 2min

5m Gorillawalk
5m frog jumps
4 Burpee Box Jump

4 rounds + 5m gorilla.

Rest 2min

Run 3min: 740m (pulse 184)

Conclusion: Way to heavy to be a true vo2max session. This usually happens when you train with someone else. It’s really hard to pace yourself when the guy in front of you does not pace and you start to compete.

Hopefully I got something good out of it though.

C: 5min AMRAP strict TTB: 40 reps

D: 3sets of 8/8 Cross Chops with 22kg DB

I was totally drained afterwards.

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