Then he did a little vo2max

A bit inspired by Olavis talk during lunch of Kettlebell VO2max training.

Session 2 for today


Until my HR Monitor showed 155

  • 12 kcal row
  • 12 Russian KBS 16kg

Took about 2 minutes then

(just) 2 x 5min of

  • 7 Burpees
  • 7 Russian KBS 32kg
  • 3min rest

6 rounds + 5 KBS, 6 rounds + 3 KBS

My HR was peaking on 179 and averaged 171 which is 90% of my Max HR = I got something like 6-8minutes of vo2max training. Not much but perhaps enough for some stimuli ?

Good stuff. Perhaps I will contiue this. Lets see how bad I feel tomorrow. I did not want to do a full vo2max session since I already have done 60min of conditioning today.

Then a little BB Routine

DB Shoulder Press 2x20kg x 13 reps, rest 60s then 9 reps

Lateral Raises 2x5kg 13 reps, rest 60s then 9 reps

DB Biceps Curls 2×17.5kg x 12 reps, rest 40s then 8 reps

Pump and good night!




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