Them goats must die

Session one
While Hanna was working out and kids ran around naked and crazy >> sunny weather.

A: KB one arm press 5/5 x 12,16,20,24kg, 3/3x32kg, 8/8x24kg, 12/12x24kg

So weak in kb presses.

B: Strict CTB pronated wide grip 5x4set

Damn good exercise, so weak the last bit to the chest. Extra weight not needed for now to get a dose response.

Session two

After 5 hours of (sun-)bathing

A1: 2 Push Press + 2 Push Jerk
A2: 1 Rope Climb 4m no feet + 1 with feet x 6 set.

Brilliant, almost good form.

B: Some close grip benching at light weights.

C1: HSPU 6cm 5 x 3set
C2: Pendlay Row Snatch grip 80kg x 6 x 3set

Figured that this will help my weak parts better than using the clean grip and get a little carryover to the pronated pull-up.

While cleaning…

D: Strict Ring Dips 13, 12


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