The team is evolving

Status: Recovered again but the shoulders feel like they really have been working. No pain but stiffness.

With Viktor

A: Jerk ladder E60s 90kg add 5kg every 60s

Viktor nailed 125kg which is a 5kg PR. I only got 130kg today.

B: in 15min
Deadlift 5 rep ladder start at 60kg add 20kg every round
4 HSPU 15cm between

Did 5x180kg then lowered to 160kg and did 3 more sets. Viktor did 4sets. My back is pretty sore now so I think it was a good call.


In Team of 2

2 Rounds RPE 8-9
30 Ring Dips, alternate freely
30 KB Snatch 24kg/16kg, alternate freely and alternate hands freely
30 Box Jump Regional Standard 60cm/50cm, alternate freely
30 Burpees, alternate freely

Did it with Viktor in 8:44
Ring Dips are tough since our kip sucks.

Now Birthday party for Wilma 3 y old.

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