The strength is really there

Good sleep again!

A: High Bar Back Squat 5-10 x 20-40-60-5×80-100-120-140-150-7×157.5kg-5×132.5-5×132.5-5×132.5-5×132.5

When looking at Prelepins chart this workout is considered BRUTAL, I landed over 2.0 in INOL

The 6th rep was so easy but the 7th so goddamn hard!

Finished with 4 back off sets of the rep max weight. I did then with one breath and “unbroken”.

B: Some Squat Cleans 60-100kg but decided to skip them so I had _some_ gas left for C

C:  Team WOD with Erika Regionals 2012 Event 2

1k row + 25 Pistols + 15 Hang Clean 102.5kg

My time was 9:16, oh lord that is slow but the Hang Cleans was so heavy! I could only do 2-3 in a row! I think the squatting might have something to do with the lost power don’t you think ?

D: Death By Strict MU 1-2-3-4-5-4 PR

If I really feel like it I might do some cleaning tonight but probably not. I am pretty much CNS-wasted right now :)

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