The Rhabdo is gone!

8h zleep cures everything even BrainRhabdo.

Positive me today!

A: Snatch EMOM 77kg x 3 x 6set
Felt very good!

B: 5 x E2M
Front Squat 115kg x 4
WPU 5kg x 8
Last set FS I managed 5 reps but I failed to complete the wpu only 5 reps in the last set, dropped the weight and hammered out 4 more reps. Still a progression from last week though.

Hard as hell for the upper back which obviously is my weak spot.

C: 7min
Hang Clean Thruster 45kg + ctb
HCT Widrich for the entire system. It took me severe time. The CTB were light and unbroken though.

D: 5min break then

20min rpe 7
400m run
Amrap KB PP 24kg left
Amrap KB PP 24kg right


Actually the right arm felt weaker or at least less endurable. Have harder time locking it out so flexibility could be the issue.

Goooood stuff.

E: Finisher
Death by unbroken CTB
Managed butterfly all the way until rep 8 the last set where I lost timing, kipped the last reps.

Forgot my belt at home so I improvised


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