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Status: Hey you cold please go away, 7 hours sleep. Olavi reminded me that 8 hours is a minimum. Thanks, say that to my kids.

Met up with half the team which did a challenge today. They were very fast, impressive.

1. Skill

Handstand Hold in a 1.5 diameter circle

46 secconds, decent!

2. Flexibility

Clean Sots Press + OHS – 40kg

Not really a 100% OK Sots press but it is the best try at it every so I’ll take it!


3. Conditioning

E60s @ 80kg x 6 sets of

Power Clean + Push Jerk, Clean Thruster, Front Squat + Push Jerk

Woof, kicked the pulse but was very good for heart and soul :)

Rest exactly 3min

4. Weightlifting

E60s Clean 90% of 2RM x 2 x 6set

Worked at 120kg and nailed 5sets then my right leg cramped, had to loosen the protection wraps so I rested one extra minute and nailed the last 2x120kg “pretty easy”. A lot better technique today than last Saturday, the weight was on the whole foot. I think this was due to the Sots prress so my rack and system was warm.


Rest exactly 3min

5. Conditioning

AMRAP 15min RPE 7
3 Back Squat 60kg
3 Muscle Ups

Add 20kg in the Back squat every round

If you feel that you might miss the next weight then it is ok to either
lower the weight, stay on the same weight or add less weight.

So I used 60-80-100-120-140-150-155. The 3×155 was very heavy with pulse but it feels good to be able to make that weight after the work prior.

Rest exactly 7min

6. Conditioning

12min AMRAP RPE 8-9
7 KB Thrusters 2x16kg
7 Pull-ups
7 Burpees

9 rounds + 3 Thrusters

This was pretty tough. Olavi came with a few tips after regarding the KB rack position. Good to have a watchful eye.

10min cooldown cycling and jogging. Very needed. Feeling recovered already a few hours after the session.

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