The new format feels good

Status: Fell asleep at 02:30 AM, go figure!

This is the first week of a new workout format which mostly looks like this:

Day 1: Hard, Aerobic
Day 2: Easy Long Zone 1
Day 3: Hard, Aerobic
Day4: Very Easy Long Zone 1
Day 5: Hard, Lactic
Day 6: Moderate, Aerobic
Day 7: Rest


1000m row ~2:15 pace
5 Bridge Ups 5-7s hold
5-8m hswalk
3 Hang Snatch high pull 40kg
3 Hang muscle snatch 40kg
3 1/4 Pause 10s OHS 40kg
15m Horse Walk

Got more and more flexible during the workout. Super.


8/8 Kb Snatch 16kg
30m Farmers walk 2x24kg

All very slow but deliberate

Feeling rejuvenated and flexible

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