The light in the tunnel

Two days off. Two nights pretty good sleep. Still got a cold but not enough to force another day of rest.

A: hbbs two singles at 170
Hmm a little too heavy. Lets see what happens later.

B: Press up to 85kg working on proper rack

C: E60s Snatch 80kg x 2 x 7set

D: A little team metcon with Viktor
100 kbs 32kg + 100 Burpees


Team training is fun and intense!

E: Sally Up One arm hstand wall facing
22 reps
The Valsalva! The Core!

F: Sally Up Rope PU 8 reps
My grip goddamn!

G: One leg hip thrust 20kg x 14/14, 12/12 oh lord

Lets see if the cold now goes away or if I get a fever of it. Over a month of coldness now.

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