The girls motivate


Not flexible but more flexible. Getting there step by step. For the first time almost straight arms and got contact with the Erectors.

Very bad sleep tonight. Emma got cuddly in the middle of the night and having a 4 year old next to you who’s like a Hot Tornado is not exactly a sleeping pill.

With Malin and Erika (and Stefan, Benji, Mattias, Tim etc) at the gym. Good peeps motivate, very much needed today when spirits were low to start with.

A: Pause Front squat +10s in the bottom with a 3-5s eccentric. 1 x 40-60-80-100-110F-110-120-130kg

Lights out at 110kg, I now know what causes it. It is the zipper of the “Sweden jacket” that presses a nerve just like a killer Karate-move :)

B: Some Bar MU’s

Watched the girls in the complex and they really have improved their cleans! They have lots of work ahead in the jerks but the Cleans are getting smooth. Much love.


C: Clean DL + Hang Clean + Clean + Jerk

60-70-80-90-100-110-117.5-122.5F-122.5kg – easy!

After the first fail at 122.5 I watched the vid and saw a little chest collapse in the dip. Really focused on the rack in the last Jerk and the lockout was 25% easier! It just got there pretty effortless. Easier than 117.5 at least.



D1: Weighted Dip 1 1/4 3x25kg; 15kg x 3 x 7set

D2: Weighted False grip Ring CTR Pull-up with turnout 3x25kg; 15kg x 3 x 7set

E:  2 Rounds
E9M 6 x AMMAP Row 30s/Rest 30s
In the rest up to next row
AMRAP Close grip bench press @ 70kg
AMRAP Inverted Row alternating sets pronated/supinated

About 158m + 15 cgbp + 15 row pronated

About 160m + 17 cgbp + 15 row supinated

F: Some biceps curls and french press




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