Technique training as recovery

Status: Not so eager to train but since I get bad by complete rest so lets practice some skill shall we

A: Hi-Hang Snatch 1-3 x 20-20-20-40-40-50-50-60-70-80kg

B: Power Clean + 1-2 Jerk Dip Squats + 2-3 Push Jerks + 1-2 OH Dip Squats x 20-20-20-40-50-50-60-60-70-70-80kg

About one hour of training with decent tempo.

I found the core reason for why I suck at Push Jerk. It is my right knee which hurts in the receive. When I rep fast I do not notice it but what is happening is that I subconsciously avoid leaning on the right leg and instead lean more on the left leg. Addressing this shit A.S.A.P


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