Swim and stairs

Pretty sore in biceps/triceps today. No wonder since I have been on a BB plan for a few days.

Session one

When Hanna bought ice cream.

400m swim in ~ 8:30
~2:30 faster than last time. This time I felt a bit of pulse but still a little lame. Crawled almost every lap, got the hang of how to breath better.

When kids played in playground.
One round of Locomotion Conditioning. The body woke up for the first time in five days. Horse Walk is not that bad after all :)

Five straddle press to handstand. Two successes. Getting better at these and can press up slower with control.

Session two

Hanna (tried to) put both kids to bed so…

AMRAP 20min
4 (very high) stories stair running, 80 steps

16 rounds sharp. 1280 steps up and down

None of them fell asleep so now I am out on a cooldown stroll with the trolley and Wilma.

Soon back to beer hypertrophy, feeling the adaptation take place

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