Strong man

Feeling better today. Skipping conditioning though.

A: Low Hang Snatch 2×40-50-60-70-80-85-90-95F-75-80-87.5-1+1Fx92.5-75-80-85-90-1+1Fx95kg

A bit off so I ramped three times today so I got a bit of quality volume in. 3 Doubles at 90kg is not exactly high intensity but I think the 15 reps of squats from yesterday still lingers.

B: Hang Power Clean 3 x 60-80-90-100-107.5-1×112.5kg

Stopped at 112.5 since I was pretty tired mentally from coaching Angelica. 3×107.5 without dropping the BB is close to my best.

C: Snatch DL 5 x 70-90-110-125

D: Farmers Walk 204kg x 20m – Oh lord this Strongman shit is heavy!

E: Close Stance Sumo DL 110kg x 10 x 2set

Just getting familiar with this stuff. Pretty light but I feel more back tension.

That was it. Short and intense workout ;)

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