Strong despite hungover

4,5 hours sleep, fat(ter), not so eager to Squat!

Session one

At CF Tegen with Timmy

A: High bar back squat
Pretty happy with that since I felt so bad before the session.

B: Snatch 2×40-60-72-79-85-89-95-1×101 (failed 2nd)
A double at 95kg after squatting is comforting.

C: 3 rounds of
5 power clean 80kg
10m sled pull 140kg
300m row

5:19, pretty hard. Hardest session in 2 weeks at least and I needed it badly.

Session 2

A: Back & Front lever practice – step by step

B: Tuck Handstand practice – not better

C: One arm handstand practice, left arm pretty good, right arm not so good

D: Hanging leg lifts and Reverse leg raises

Some stretches


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