Strong at simple things

Horrible sleep and felt that I could’ve killed someone this morning. Practice what you fucking preach!

Session 1

A: 2-pos Snatch + 3s Pause OHS – 40-40-60-60-70-80-87,5F-87,5F

Stopped there, it was not heavy but I slingshotted the first rep out in front, very much off. CNS a bit off or at least concentration.

B: Snatch Push Press 5 x 80kg-100kg then 3 x 105kg lost the 4th quit the set went back and repped yet another 3. What is that ? A 105kg x 3+3 RM ?

C: Z Press 5 x 20-40-60-65



D: Klokov Press 5×40-50kg

Very heavy, it is amazing how weak I am in this position.

E: Weighted Strict Pullup Pronated grip 5 x 24kg, 33,25kg

Yes I am weak so goddamn weak.

Session 2

Kidz refusing to sleep + admin delayed my workout until too late. The gym was closed for entry. Stood outside frustrated. What to do now ? I went home and went out in the garden, started to bring out the barbell from the shed but the mosquitoes really started to bug me. Bah. Went down in the basement instead and tried to figure out a wod which would suit today theme. This is what I came up with.

AMRAP 20mins of

  • 5 kcals of Air Bike (the kcals means nothing, it takes about 30-40sec to complete when going all-out)
  • 3 Strict HSPU inside 59x59cm square
  • 3 knee tucked (L-ish) strict Pull-ups

15 rounds, really sprinted the Air Bike for the last 5-6 rounds. Lactic acid buildup in the legs.


3 sets of

  • 5 Strict HSPU inside 59x59cm square, rest 30s
  • 5 knee tucked (L-ish) strict Pull-ups, rest 2min

Believe it or not but the HSPU I barely could complete. Time Under Tension doing its thing.

10 min CrossTrainer!! @ z1


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