Strong as an OX

Status: Not recovered, wanted more sleep but my little Emma was so sweet in the morning. We talked about big things in her life. Wonderful moments.

With Erika at the gym

A: Squat Jerk – VERY hard exercise 20-80kg with lots of fails at 90kg, pure mobility problems.



B: Tall Snatch 20kg x 5 x 5set

Good exercise, got faster and faster


C: Hi-hang Snatch 40kg x 5 x 5set

Also good, felt more solid every rep.


D: Jerk Every 60s 120kg x 1 x 8 set

As you can see I lack mobility so I push the torso back to compensate for getting a vertical line. I was very happy with these lifts though, they felt pretty easy but hard in a way. 100% attention was needed to make the lifts but not 100% effort.




Did 2 rounds of the below (4 sets)

Even min: 5 Push press 80kg

Odd min: 5 Push jerk 80kg


I stopped after 4 sets, going to max out the Snatch tomorrow and do a pretty horrible conditioning test.


Session 2

A pure recovery session

F: Some Z-Presses front and back with wide grip. I really can feel the stretch in the back of these. Going to continue with this.

G: 15min walk on a treadmill with incline 10 (dunno what degrees) with a 10kg Weight vest AND a 30kg sandbag on my shoulders. I can tell you that pretty low speed was needed to kick the pulse.

Try it, I dare you. You will feel like an ox :)

Done for today! Good times!


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