Strength = check, stamina = need work

Sometimes I will write a post in English this is one of those times.

Magnus Jernberg and his kids came to visit before lunch today while I was out in the back-yard doing some up-keep labour.

Today was a technique, strength and stamina session, no cardio even though kipping pullups brings up the pulse for sure.

A: Tall Snatch: 2x3set 30kg, felt good no jumping forward.

B: Push Jerk + Split Jerk 3 sets @ 60% (80kg) All reps except the last one felt really good. Lost balance in the lock-out.

C: Press: 5x3set (Wendler) 58,5%, 67,5%, 76,5% (50kg, 57,5kg, 65kg) – 11 reps at 65kg! Pretty satisfied with that since I did 3 reps @ 70kg a month ago.

D: Weighted pullup: 5x3set (Wendler) (12,5kg, 20kg, 24kg) – Should have been 16kg instead of 20 but was too damn easy. 12 reps @ 24kg! I really do not think that the body-weight calculator is correct since the weights never get high enough.

E: Pendlay Row: 8x3set: 70-80-85kg, Done quite easy.

F: Some stamina work:

3 sets (no time component)

  • AMRAP Pullups – 33-28-28, First set I used a supinated grip (which I normally use) then butterfly kipping with pronated grip. The forearms always gave up first. Pretty disappointed here since my PR is at 39 reps.
  • AMRAP Ring Dips – 19-20-20, First set was awkward but then got a better kipping-rhythm so even thoug the muscles were exhausted I could do more reps.

Conclusion: So far I seem to develop my strength but obviously need to work on my stamina. Will immediately address that fact.

Below is mr Jernberg (Iron-berg) doing 46 reps (perhaps the last one was a no-rep but anyway) which was his PR on my bar which is at least 3,5cm = grip killer compared to 2,8cm.

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