Stockholm sleep syndrome

Status wed morning: I am sick for real.


Every time I am in Stockholm my sleep is pretty bad even though I get the hours. It is the air bed I use. Yesterday Matti brought another mattress and I slept like a baby straight through the night even though the damping was pretty rough on the concrete floor.

Stockholm sleep syndrome solved.

However I still feel like I’ve gone through hell. Guess my system will need a few weeks of smart living to get back in shape.

Session one

A: Pause Front Squat – Up to 120kg then a few backoffs at 100, 80 and 60kg

Perfect form and posture was the aim. Above 120kg I feel that posture would have taken a hit.

B: Press Up to 80kg, started a little of lean back so I backed down. Backoff to 70kg, 60kg, 40kg and finally 10 reps at 20kg. All sets faster and faster reps

C: Just a little WOD at very low pace.


30s Wall Balls + 30s rest + 30s Burpees + 30s rest


D: AMSAP Pronated PU Hang above bar. 35sec. Too boring

E: Sally Up Supinated Pull-up 9 resp. Oh lord the forearms!

F: Glute Bridge 60kg x 20 reps x 2 set

G: Seated Banded Abduction 20 reps x 2set

Thats was about it.

Session two

Feeling less than good but I wanted to visit Mika to get some Tekkers on my Clean and Jerk. Funny but he mentioned the same stuff as Matti did the day before about my rack. To smart guys saying the same thing -> I will change it.

A: 1 Clean + 3 Jerk 90kg x 5set

B: Some Power Clean + Push Jerks in about 5-6 sets.

That was it for the evening.



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