Squat fail

So I had a goal of 10×152.5kg in the Squat today but I felt early that I did not have what it takes today. Anyway I went for it.

Warmup 10 x 3m unbroken hswalk 2min 45s

A: HBBS 8 x 152.5kg, 7 x 125kg (I felt so drained that I stopped here)

B: Snatch w 2s pause at knee + Hang Snatch w2s pause at knee E60s Ladder 55-85kg. Same thing happened here. I was pretty drained. The lifts were technically good though!

C: Death By Strict MU 1-2-3-4-4! Aha yup somethings wrong :)

D: A few kipped MU

E: Team wod with Malin Nyström which was very fun, beginning to understand what good team qualities consist of.

100 Wall Balls + 50 HSPU + 50 TTB + 2k row




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