Sprinting is sneaky

Status: Feeling like concrete was poured into my hips during the night.

So yesterday we did some

  • Squatting – 6-8s Pause FS 115kg x 1 x 8 sets
  • Pressing – Push press BN 82.5-90kg x 4 reps x 7-8 sets
  • Pulling – legless rope climbs 3.3m with 7.5kg x 7-8 sets
  • Some Jumping ~ 105cm x 3 x 7 sets

This was not a big deal but then

10 x E60s

Sled pull 100kg x 5m, release and sprint another 25m

Rest 3min

10 x 10s sprint, 20s rest


Sledghammer on a tire with SISU sledge 8-10 reps x 3-4 sets maximum force.

The sprinting really seem to have killed me.


A: Power Clean tng 5×60-2×80-90-100-5×100-100

Immediately felt that this would be a problem today. I could not even get into the starting position without problems. Was so stiff.

B: Clean Deadlift 140kg x 5 x 3sets, heaviest shit in a while. Had real issues holding my back here and it was just 140kg…

C: Hack Squat 100kg x 5 x 3sets – Just goofing around

D: Weighted Ring Pushup 3 x 10-20-40-62.5kg – Had good turnout up to 40kg but on 62.5kg the video showed bad turnout. I want to train on absolutely straight elbows ie “straight arm gymnastics”.

E: Bench supported row 3 x 70-90-95kg, 95kg was really a max today :)

F: 12min

  • Ring Pshp 40kg x 3 reps
  • Bench row 80kg x 3 reps
  • Walking rotation lunges 30kg x 8-10 steps (fuck this is hard for the glute-meds)

7 rounds sharp for me, William did a few more rounds.


6 x Run 30s hard, rest 30s

rest 3min

6 x Run 30s hard, rest 30s

From 150-170m per interval

H: Medball sit-up throws 8-10 reps x 3sets

Shit my hips and back are so stiff now. Deload coming up!



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