Sport of fitness goes Globo

Status: 9 hours of sleep again. A bit better but still feeling awkward.

At a Globo gym in Norrköping

I happened to scare a kid who squatted so he missed the rack and got pinned under the bar. “It happens to all beginners” was the encouraging words I gave him afterwards. When he asked if he should remove the weights I continued. “Its ok, I’ll use em as warmup”. I did not intend to be mean, its just…. Being me.

A: pause Front squat 120kg x 2 x 4 set

B: FS: 120kg x 5

C: Deadlift 8 x 110, 140, 165, 5 x 185

D1: Press BN 5 x 50, 60, 65


D2: WPU: 5 x 20, 4 x 35

E: 12min

4 steps walking lunge 80kg
5 x wpu 10kg
5 x Press bn 55kg

6 rounds sharp

F: 1/4 FS tempo 60×2 85kg x 10 reps as finisher


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