Sport of fitness goes “back slaughter”

Status: Horny!

Still coughing but I think it is soon over.

A: Clean + 2 Push Jerk

Up to 90kg but the receive of the PJ is so bad that I went down to 70kg and finally back to 80kg. My oh-position forces me to drive the knees forward in the receive which hurts as hell = I avoid that position = push jerk looks like shit at +85kg. Rehab rehab rehab.

B: OHS 85kg x 1, 2, 3, Fail, 6

I really really hate OHS so much :)

C1: Bench supported row 5 x 70kg, 4x95kg (failed the 5th AGAIN) so I calculated 5x90kg as max.

C2: Weighted Dip up to 5×37.5kg PR I think? One step closer to my goal.

D: AMRAP 12min

  • BSR 5 x 77.5kg x 5 reps
  • WDip 5 x 17.5kg
  • 4 steps OH Lunge 60kg

6 rounds sharp

E: A few medball situup throws + some strict ttb

No more time to train went home.


Somehow I got some more time to train!

F: DB Row 15×38.5kg on each arm

G: Some posteriour shoulder stuff => “crossover symmetry”

H: Straight (almost anyway) arm lat pull-down 15x45kg

I: Weighted GHD sit-up 12kg x 20 reps (too easy).

J: L-sit on floor 22sec




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