So the chicks are learning OL huh

Status: Recovered!

Team challenge with Sofie

A: Snatch Ladder add 5kg Every 60s, start at 70kg/40kg

Sofie nailed a PR at 60kg, very impressed by that in a ladder format. She has gained 10kg in the Snatch in roughly 2 months I think. That is crazy good.

Sofies Snatch



I got to 105kg with no fails but had no power to get 110kg. Actually I think I never have been more far away from nailing a lift :)

As you can see it is my back angle and upper back that is the problem as always. If I was more flexible then I could use a less wide grip and ease the pull a ton.



B: In 3mins AMSAP Handstand inside a 1.5m circle

Stood 47s (PR)  the first attempt. Rested a minute and stood 30s but my triceps got tired so I gave in instead of frying the triceps and shoulders myself. Sofie as well nailed a PR. Pretty good to be able to handstand over 20s ANY given day.


In team of 2:

50 Back Squat 60kg/42.5kg, alternate freely
40 CTB Pull-Ups, alternate freely
30 STOH 60kg/42.5kg, alternate freely
50 Front Squat 42.5kg/30kg, alternate freely
40 CTB Pull-Ups, alternate freely
30 STOH 42.5kg/30kg, alternate freely
50 OHS 30kg/20kg, alternate freely
40 CTB Pull-Ups, alternate freely
30 STOH 30kg/20kg, alternate freely


  • All Squats are taken from floor.
  • Squats and STOH are done on the first platform
  • You must use the same barbell so whenever you drop the weight you need to change weights.
  • Example: The male does 30 squats and drops the BB. Then you change plates from 60kg to 42.5kg, add the locks and then the woman can start to work. She does 20 squats. Then both hand in hand moves to the pull-up station where the couple together complete 40 CTB and move back to the platform to do STOH.
  • Both Locks must be on before any reps are counted.
  • You must use the same pull-up station and the partner not working must stand on the floor.

We had a very good pace throughout and good tactics but our weakness was the CTB. We got close to Malin and Viktor but their chimphood proved to be victorious. So important in team to know beforehand how you are going to execute and to have good commands throughout. One should be captain per WOD I beli

Sofie made a fantastic job in the Squats and I smashed the STOH.

Then me and Sofie walked and jogged 1km.

Sofie left and I helped Angelica a little with Jerks and we talked about/analyzed Muscle Ups.


Angelicas Jerks today 90% x 1 x 8set, I came a little too late so we worked on the dip at 60kg afterwards.



Then we went on with Muscle Ups, tried to illustrate a little my latest progress with Hollow Work




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