So light!

My fantastic other half kept waking me up half the night since she complained that I snored! I finally went down to the basement to find some peace. When I woke up this morning I really could have killed someone AND we were out of coffee!

Aanyway I got a bit pumped by the fact that me and Ulrika had team training with some cool events to perform.

When I came to the gym half the team were there which lifted the atmosphere a lot. Magnus PRd the Back Squat with 7,5kg with a whoppin 213kg. It’s going to be pretty cool to see what he can do the next cycle?

Event 1: Clean Complex: Power Clean + Front Squat + Hang Squat Clean

Ulrika made 65kg then failed 70kg 2 times and backed to 67.5kg, I got 125kg and then 130kg for a Hang Clean PR actually. Ulrika went for 70kg a last time and made it!

As you can see it is purely technical for her. She is strong this girl!


My lift, bad technique in the Hang Clean but a very light squat. I even pause in the bottom to make sure I am deep enough.

Event 2:

8 x 200m run (4 x 200 per person) + 30m Front racked lunges 70kg/50kg + 30 Lateral Burpees

Ulrika ran fast as hell (faster than me ?), the lunges went smooth for both of us. Ulrika however had some issues with the Burpees but who can blame her when she ran at approx 35-36s per interval. We got a decent score I believe.

Overall I am happy with my entire team they are performing like hell!

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