So easy to fool

Status: Good sleep, feeling strong.

A: High Bar back squat…. worked up to 3x140kg then aborted due to calf pain. Guess I need to take this serious or it might blow into a real injury.

So pissed. I really wanted 3x180kg today since the squatting season is over. Guess I have to settle with 8x170kg.

Instead of Clean and Jerk I continued with Jerk from blocks.

B: Jerk – 5×60-3×80-3×90-2×100-2×110-1×115-120-125-130-135-140-145F

I decided to work with fast Push+Dip since that is allowed in comps now as long as you do not oscillate the bar intentionally. I will start treating my full Clean & Jerks the same. Not so bad to hit 140 at least.



Well… I need some assistance work as well right ?

C: Push press 3×60-3×80-1×100-110-115-120-125-130F – Another Salsa Push Press PR

125kg is OK as well.



I had been training for almost 2h here, still I thought “hmmm YES DEADLIFT”

D: 5×60-3×100-140-3×180-1×200-220-240F


240 Fail ??? Hmm this is NOT OK. But I guess I was a bit tired before the DLs. I am glad though to pull 220kg like nothing and that I did not blow my back at 240.

Then I was pretty much done. Viktor came in and said “Did you do the WOD?”. 10mins later I was in the middle of the WOD with Angelica wondering how I got there.


In teams of 2

3 Rounds for time of

30 Thrusters 42.5kg/30kg (I did 45kg for some reason ??)

30 kcal row, men 17 kcal, female 13kcal

7:10, fell off the rower the last round. The monitor said +2700 kcal/hour.

17mins of bicycle

F: Viktor said “Now I am gonna handstandwalk some”. WTF…. So I walked ~24m then ~17m. I was a bit tired in my shoulders by now… :)

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