Snatching in the rain

Yesterday ~21:30
Felt bad since I missed conditioning during the first session due to time. I have a family you know. After all I have a competition in 3 weeks. But what should I do which not required a big warmup and would tax tomorrows workout too much?

I quickly came up with a circuit which on paper felt like “CrossFit Yoga” and would be perfect for my hip.

500m row
10 Deep, bent knees Good mornings 40kg (turned out to be perfect weight)
10 Weighted unanchored straight leg, straight arms situps 25kg (too light, hard for breathing though)

First round acted as warmup, rowed at about 1:50. I increased the pace and finished the last round in 1:37. What started out as a recovery circuit ended in an all-out effort ;)

5 rounds + 500m row.

Rowed at damper 1 for another 5mins focusing on knee flexion and straight back. (2:10-2:15)

Then some wine and a movie :)


Just a quick workout.

A: 2 Hang Snatch High Pull +2 Hang Power Snatch + 2 Snatch PP + 2 Snatch grip split Jerk
40,50,60, 70, 80, 85 failed 2nd hps

Fucking rain. Lost will power. Guess the fail have potential for becoming a classic Snatch fail video ;)

Tried 85 once more but my groin protection slipped so I aborted after the pulls. My groin is fucked up and hurts after power snatching 3-4weeks ago.

A quick conditioning

B: 3 rounds
400m run
5 strict Muscle Ups

7:42min, running really kicks my pulse

C: Finished with 15 strict ring dips and 10 strict wide grip pull-ups behind the neck.


A little session at the gym when the kids ran around.

3 x 10 strict dips

3 x 10 strict pu

A few strict one arm kb presses 24 – 32kg

10 strict hspu x 2set

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