Snatching again and CrossFit is hard

Really tired today. Guess work makes that to you when you sleep 30-60mins less. Must fix. Sleeping early tonight.

No training buddies today since the bastards did some slacker workout and decided to take an early lunch.

Glute activation

A: Clean from blocks at knee
Gosh I suck at cleaning from blocks!

B: Clean from floor
110kg x 2 x 5set
Since I have started to suck at these I refuse to go heavy. Instead doing more and better sets at my trigger weight.

C: Clean Panda Pull from blocks at knee 110kg x 3 x 3

D: Snatch from blocks at knee 3×40, 40, 50, 60, 2×70, 75, 80, 85
Pure tech work but pretty hard from blocks! Guess it is the lack of eccentric hamstring loading which makes it harder for me.

E: 12min conditioning
8 Power Snatch 50kg
8 Lunges 50kg
250m row

5 rounds sharp, unbroken. Focused on doing the power snatches with good technique so I dont fuck it up now.

F: Glute hypertrophy

I could barely get myself out to the bicycles afterwards for cooldown. One hour later I barely can get off the toilet seat. I am tired oh man CF is hard.



Fuck you Lanner

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