Snatch progress

Hip tiny bit better.

Very good warmup today, need to take care of that hip.

A: Snatch 3×40, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 2×85, 1×90, 95, 3x100PR, 1+1Fx105kg

Changed angles a tiny bit to even more upright start. Need to pull a bit tighter and really finish. Thinking of ditching the straightening of the legs since it imposes a risk of changing the starting position.

Satisfied, felt like I could have done at least another rep at 100kg.

B: Clean 3×60, 80, 90, 100, 2×110, 117.5, 2×122.5

What Ive gained in Snatch I have stalled in the Clean. Lousy technique! I hold on to the bar in the turnover so my bottom rack suck as soon as the weight gets heavy. Think I need to readjust the thought process around this movement and start repping around 110kg which is where the technique start to fail. Should probably use boxes as well.

C: Concentric Front Squat 3×80, 100, 110, 122.5kg, 110, 100

Yup I will use these for leg strength for a while.

D: Snatch Pull 3×100, 110, 2x120kg, 1x135kg

E: Pause pistols 5 reps x 3 set on the right, 1 set on the left

F: Leg press right leg 50kg x 10x2set

Some right leg hypertrophy. Super.

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