Snatch conditioning – and the worst squatting session ever

Status: Had hard time falling asleep and slept pretty bad due to the skiing last night I think. The hours were there but the quality not.

So I tried out my new Skiing equipment yesterday. It took a while to just get it on and to get comfy. I skiied 3.3km in 24mins haha lol. The track is pretty much half uphill and half downhill which killed me initially but I recovered. It took me 15mins before I found a good stroke. I will get down to half of this time I think with some practice.

Todays session.

1. Weightlifting

Snatch: Mid-Hang + Low Hang + Floor E60s x 75kg x 6 sets

Took a minute extra break after set 3 and established max power in set 4 and 5. 10% above set 1-3. Weird but true.

2. Conditioning

Some Snatch Balance 2×60-90kg mixed with Muscle Ups. Just focused on Muscle Up technique which is getting a lot better.



3. Conditioning

12mins of

  • 7 Thrusters 35kg
  • 7 Pull-ups
  • 7 Lateral Burpees

I aborted after 4 rounds at a pulse of +180. Rested 4-5 mins and instead did.

6 sets AFAP

  • 7 Thrusters 35kg
  • 7 Pull-ups
  • 7 Lateral Burpees
  • Rest 45s

This also kicked my pulse to 180 and average pulse at 170-172 => vo2max training.

I focused on speed throughout, no slow burpees allowed.

Session 2

I thought I had some power left in the tank but no Sir, nothing.

4. Strength

Front Squat – Worked up to 1x130kg in two ramp-ups. Unracked 140 both times but it felt so goddamn heavy that I did not dare to squat it. 140 really ?

But ok. Lets try something else

5. Strength

Anderson Back squat 100kg x 5 x 2set

Anderson Front squat 100kg x 2 x 2set

This was super heavy for the glutes! VERY light day tomorrow.


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