Snatch and Glutes

Hip is better. Done some glute practice since Saturday which seems to improve the hip. I have avoided stretching the hip flexors to not irritate the area further.

Training partner: Jonas Flank a.k.a Mr Snatch Broad Jump

Glute activation

A: Snatch w pause at knee 3×40, 50, 60, 2×70, 80, 1×85, 90, 95, 100F, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100PR, 102.5PR, 105PR, 107.5F, 107.5F

The entire re-ramp 80-100kg was done in less than 5-6mins. It is so easy to see what is going on at 107.5. I do not finish the lift. Guess I got tired after all. The pause at the knee stops a lot of the action so I am very pleased with 105kg.

I did 5/5 reps x 3-4 sets glute activation drills when Jonas was Snatching.

B: Snatch Pull w pause at knee 1×100, 110, 110, 130

Samurai Style ;)

C: Front Squat 3×80, 100, 2×110, 122.5kg

Very light, a first test of the hip. It started to ache in g.medius I think so I stopped there. Moved on to BSS instead.

D: BSS 5/5 x 2x30kg, 2x35kg, 2x40kg

I hate BSS and I hate holding dumbbells. It is a trap, grip and balancing exercise not a leg exercise. However 2×40 x 5/5 reps is decent ?

E: A little metcon


8 FS 60kg + 8 TTB + 250m row

5 rounds + 8 TTB, pretty light. Good to test kipping again. It took three rounds before it felt OK.

Cooldown and stretch

When Flank changed I again did some Glute Drills. I think I got at least 50-60 reps per leg during this session.


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