Slowly returning to life

Trained a little today. Not sick but headache and overall very tired.

A: HBBS up to 160kg and a few pause squats at 130 then 120kg

Very submax as the day requires.

B: E60s Snatch 75kg x 3 x 6set

Whoa! Big pulse!

C: Snatch DL to knee w 3s pause from 6cm deficit 3 x 5set every 90s
75kg. Focus was purely on posture and bottom stretch.

D: Push press up to 100kg with a lot of technique training on rack and bar path.

Deliberate practice.

E: Death by strict mu
1 to 5 then again 1 to 4
Very good!

F: Some sort of wod

3 rounds of 20 kbs 24kg + a few strict pu + 400m row in 13mins

G: Some straight leg situps 20-50kg

F: Some weighed backextensions at 10kg + some unweighted

Plus recovery bacon at Texas Burger


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