Sick training

Status: Recovered!

Met up with the super-females Angelica and Erika. Viktor and Malin was there before us, nice to watch them suffer in the WOD we would do later.

1. Skill

Headstand to Handstand

Next time I will try to get down to headstand again and kick back up.



2. Flexibility

Clean Sots Press, went really bad today but worked a lot with it

3. Conditioning

E60seconds x 6set, used 80kg

3 Power Clean + 1 Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Thruster

Pretty easy!

Rest exactly 3min

4. Weightlifting

E60seconds Clean 110kg (80%) x 3 x 5set

Very hard. Had to take a minute break after the 3rd set. That clean killed me. I think it crashed upon me.



Rest exactly 3min

4. Conditioning

AMRAP 15min
2 OHS 60kg, add 10kg every round
3 Muscle Ups

Did 1x110kg then 2x110kg OHS. Muscle Ups were pretty smooth. I do not like multiple reps in OHS too much wrist tension.



Rest exactly 7min

6. Conditioning

AMRAP 12min RPE 9

8 Burpees
10 KBS 24kg
12 WB 9kg

5 rounds + 9 WB

Pretty horrible as always, however I was very tired here but so was everybody else.

7. Finisher

DB Chinese Row 20kg x 20 reps per side in one set.
DB Biceps curls 15kg x 22 reps in 2 sets
Lateral raises 2x5kg 17 reps on 1 sets


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