Sick as a dog => hypertrophy

Felt a little better today. Knee at 80%. I felt an urge to test the program so I packed my bag.

A: Very light Snatch 40kgx3x3 with 3s pause in the bottom. Focused on starting positioning.

B: Jerk 100kgx3x3set focus on speed and technique.

C: Snatch Push Press 80kgx3x3

D: Low bar back squat (due to knee) 100kgx10x3set

E: Jerk Dip Squat: 120kgx3x3

F1: Front racked lunges 40kgx8/8x3set
F2: One legged dl 40×8/8x3set

G1: One arm strict DB press: 27,5kgx8/8x3set
G2: Weighted strict pullup (11×1) 5kgx8x3set

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